Help and Hope for Kids

Be the Help that they need and, the Hope of their Dreams

Dear Friends,
let us help make your holiday shopping the most rewarding experience ever by choosing the gift that keeps on giving! Celebrate the holiday season by giving hope, clothes, and toys to those who have none. You can change the life of a child or teen, living well below the poverty level, as well as the lives of every member of their family. With a $95 gift you can send one 24x18x24 cargo shipping box stuffed with up to $2,000 worth of clothes, shoes, vitamins, and more. Our goal is to send 12 boxes before October 15th to get there in time for the upcoming Kids Day Christmas Party.
The majority of the children in this area do not have a toy to call their own. To insure every child gets a toy, we will need 500 toys. You can make Christmas special for 25 kids this year by sending only $100.

Kids Day Christmas Party 2016 expenses

  • Toys for 500 children $4.00 per toy need ------------------- $2000
  • Lunch for the children and their parents -------------------- $2000
  • Gift bags of rice, fish, and essentials ------------------------- $1000
  • Games, decorations, cakes, and treats ---------------------- $1000
  • Postage for mailing boxes -------------------------------------- $1000

 We have boxes packed with gently used and new clothes ready to go but we need to raise $7,000 in donated funds, please give generously.

                                                                                                 Total $ 7,000

Thank you for reviewing our material. There are a lot of reasons why you should get involved today. Mine was because their childhood cannot wait.

Stanley and CeCe Jeckewicz
Founders of Help and Hope for Kids
501(c)(3) non-profit charity
Established 2011

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